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"The finely sparkling accompaniment of Thérèse Lindquist….. in both expressive and lyrical passages..."

"The subtle accompaniment of Thérèse Lindquist creates the perfect musical backdrop….imbued with intense feeling….simply beautiful."

- Wiener Zeitung MUSIK

- Wiener Zeitung MUSIK




'For the first time together with pianist Thérèse Lindquist, Holzmair presented a program of Lieder with texts from „Des Knaben Wunderhorn“. The Lieder were composed between the early 19th and mid-20th centuries.  The result is entrancing.  The chemistry between singer and accompanist is just right. Together, they shape the shared journey of discovery in a joyful manner.

Thése Lindquist is neither a servile accompanist nor a partner intent upon independence and equality.  In the first part of the CD she counteracts Holzmair’s almost homogenous demeanor with her often direct and matter of fact playing. The more modern the Lieder become, the more the piano accompaniment represents the source of the emotional foundation, which is very audible in Zemlinsky’s „Atldeutsche Minnelied“ composed in Zemlinsky’s final year.  In part due to the unusual program, this recording of „Wunderhornlieder“ is one of the most beautiful and exciting Lied recordings of the past years."


-KLASSIK.COM, Review by Andreas Falentin | CD Recording, Wunderhornlieder (col legno classics) by Wolfgang Holzmair and Thérèse Lindquist

"Here we can for the first time enjoy the artistry of the pianist, Thérèse Lindquist, for example (and this is one of my favorite things about making music) how she uses rubato, slight hesitations, or, in general how she uses timing and the spaces in the music, not only when it applies to following the singer, but above all when it is about leaving room, even in fast passages, where time in a way seems dammed up, as a means of emphasis and expression."

-CD  of the Day ORF 1, Albert Hosp | CD Recording, Wunderhornlieder (col legno classics) Wolfgang Holzmair, Thérèse Lindquist

"The Austrian baritone, Wolfgang Holzmair, and the Swedish pianist, Thérèse Lindquist, have recorded a selection of 30 lieder by various „Wunderhorn“ composers for the Col Legno label.  It is a beautiful collection of songs.  Wolfgang Hozmair’s voice is characterised by immaculate clarity, and his story-telling singing brings out the beauty of these songs.  It would all be for nothing without the playing of Thése Lindquist, who is able to create, even in the smallest space, a rich atmosphere."

- Hr2 Kultur, Natascha Plaumbaum | CD Aufnahme, Wunderhornlieder (col legno classics) Wolfgang Holzmair, Thérèse Lindquist

"The subtle playing of Thérèse Lindquist delivers the perfect backdrop. What a lament to the distant homeland is Robert Franz's „Zu Straßburg auf der Schanz“.  Richard Strauss’ snappy love song „Fünfzehn Pfenningen“ makes one smile.  Emotionally intense, a successful revisit with Erich Zeisl, in his grotesque „Kirchhof im Odenwald:“  Simply beautiful."

- Wiener Zeitung MUSIK | CD Recording, Wunderhornlieder (col legno classics) Wolfgang Holzmair, Thérèse Lindquist

"A small recording company has brought out a CD with the Lieder of Josephine Lang —for a single season! When I heard the songs for the first time, they resonated strongly with me.  I must point out and praise the performers:  Dana McKay and Thérèse Lindquist.  And this masterpiece belongs to the CD productions that no longer find a market. . .!"

- Dieter Kühn in his book "Clara Schumann, Klavier Ein Lebensbuch", S. Fischer- Verlag

"The Swedish pianist, THÉRÈSE LINDQUIST, is a superb partner. In her accompaniment she breathes with the singer and creatively supports the singer."

- Orpheus , Marion Eckels | CD Recording, Lieder by Josephine Lang (Deutsche Schallplatten)

"While the two artists on their CD, American soprano Dana McKay and Swedish pianist Thérèse Lindquist, have pursued extensive careers on their own throughout Europe, they have collaborated since 1991 with particular attention to the songs of women composers. Pianist Lindquist ably partners her, giving the listener a truly enjoyable experience. ...this recording is one to examine.”

- NATS-National Association of Teachers of Singing Journal CD-Review | CD Recording, Lieder by Josephine Lang (Deutsche Schallplatten)

"The most beautiful experience was the Karlfeldt program.  At the piano, Thérèse Lindquist played as lightly as a sprite.  It must be an inspiration to sing to her playing:  she is an exceptional talent."

- "Svenska Dagbladet", Carl-Gunnar Åhlen | Liederabend with Hillevi Martinpelto Siljan Musikfestival

"The songs are ,of course, helped by the the beautifully sung and deeply committed performance of Holzmair and pianist Lindquist. They convey a sense of mission, of passionate belief in the music, that is contagious. Bridge’s recording is all that one wants in a Lied disc, and the booklet, complete with texts and translation, virtually defines excellence in production values.“

- Fanfare Magazine, Henry Vogel | CD Recording, Lieder by Kowalski (Bridge Records) Wolfgang Holzmair, Thérèse Lindquist

„Holzmair sings it all with an immaculate style that admirably fuses sound and senses. Thérèse Lindquist tackles the accompaniments, some of them almost Lisztian in their complexity, with terrific aplomb.“

-, Tim Ashley | CD Recording, Lieder by Kowalski (Bridge Records) Wolfgang Holzmair, Thérèse Lindquist 

„At the piano, Thérèse Lindquist. It must be inspirational to sing accompanied by her playing:  she is an exceptional talent.."

"Finely glazed descant tones, passionate rhapsodising in the cycle „Mädchenblumen“.  Thése Lindquist accompanied with inspired lyricism at the piano."


- Heidelberger Frühling. | Liederabend with Christiane Karg, Soprano

"Thése Lindquist…. proved to be exceptionally confident and sensitive.  She never forced herself into the foreground, and her playing was always accompaniment and never an inappropriate solo. "

- Würzburg Zeitungskritik, Mons. | Würzburg Liederabend with John Thomasson, Baritone

"My second remark is in regard to your accompanist, Ms. Lindquist, for whom I give great praise. She is one of the best that I have heard in a long time.  With her you have great potential for richly faceted musical creativity."

- Irwin R. Gage | Recording with Christian Miedl, Baritone

"The accompanist on the piano, Thése Lindquist, was a singular stroke of luck.  Ms. Lindquist never overburdened the piano; she played with bridled energy, very secure, with perfect control of dynamics, exact entrances, never dominating and yet guiding."

- M.W. Passauer Neue Presse | Liederabend with Kjellaug Tesaker, Soprano

"Recited texts in a Lied recital can often disturb the rhythm and flow of the music, and double the already delivered message of the Lied. This was not the case in this Lied recital, „Robert and Clara Schumann’s Widmung“ on Friday (Jan. 9) in the Solitär Recital Hall.  Five well-chosen letters and diary entries, paired with five equally well-chosen groups of Lieder by Robert and Clara Schumann formed a moving, intimate double-portrait of a complex marriage.


Thése Lindquist impressed with distinctive and always finely balanced colours on the piano, and gave the singer a nuanced foundation for nimble, declamatory phrases (Lied Liebchen) and broad cantilena (Anfangs wollt ich fast verzagen). Niklaus Maienschein spoke clearly and simply, with a fine vocal timbre, and with his recitation, greatly contributed to this moving Lieder recital. A memorable event!"


- Heidemarie Klabacher „Drehpunkt Kultur„ | International Chamber Music Cycle „KlangReisen“, Solitär, Salzburg, Liederabend with Sophie Mitterhuber, Soprano

"…excellently and congenially accompanied by Thése Lindquist.“

- Kurier | Liederabend (Eric Zeisl Lieder) with Wolfgang Holzmair

"The programmatically and intelligently created journey led finally from winter to the cheerful summer in the Provence of Darius Milhaud.  With the song cycle „Le voyage d’été“, Holzmair, very secure in style, described with greatest possible contrast, a vacation journey in the French countryside. We visited the summer nights (the cycle „Les nuits d’étè“) of Hector Berlioz, and the sound of the sea in „L’le inconnue“, an unknown island, melding with longing for love and thoughts of distant lands. For the finale, we stopped by the „Sommerabenden“ of Johannes Brahms, a scintillating genre study of an elf bathing by moonlight. Thése Lindquist at the piano proved to be a congenial and sensitive traveling companion."

- Kleine Zeitung | Liederabend with Wolfgang Holzmair, Carinthian Sommer

"Thése Lindquist accompanied at the piano, finely and sparklingly, a superb partner and co-creator in both expressive and lyrical passages."


- Drehpunkt Kultur | Liederabend with Wolfgang Holzmair, „Herbsttöne“

"The baritone Wolfgang Holzmair and his accompanist, Thérèse Lindquist, dedicated the third section of the evening entirely to the Lieder of Anton von Webern. With his singular clarity of text and his ability to fathom the deepest atmosphere even in the smallest spaces, Holzmair formed these Lieder composed with texts by Richard Dehmel, Matthias Claudius and Friedrich Nietzsche.  Thérèse Lindquist took up the changing moods and strengthened them in the piano accompaniment—nimble and sparkling as for example in the Lied „Windesweben op. 3/2—tonally sensual and nuanced."

- Heidemarie Klabacher | „Webern pur“, Solitär, Mozarteum University

"Thérèse Lindquist ensured for accompaniment that was discreet, always shaping and sensitively supporting the singer.  Her interpretive artistry always attuned to the sometimes urgent, sometimes gentle piano accompaniments of the Mendelssohn family, as well as the musically complex, delicately detailed, and technically challenging accompaniments of Hugo Wolf."

- München Zeitungskritik, Reinhold Tietz | Liederabend with Annette Gaertner, Soprano, and Thomas Ruf, Baritone

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